Looking for High Quality Used Car Tires at Affordable Prices?

FlexTyres Recently Started Delivering Tires to Belgium, France and The Netherlands. Introducing Sprinter Van Delivery (per 180 Tires)!

Sprinter Delivery 180 Tires

Do you need tires in excellent condition and a quick turnaround time? As the number-one used tire company, we fulfill all of your tire needs from selection to delivery. You pick your tire sizes and we do the rest. Try our no-hassle online ordering process.

100,000+ Tires in Stock

One Price for All Sizes

325 Happy Customers

Doubling & Tripling

8+ Years Experience

Top Quality Tires

We guarantee to deliver

Our professionals will perform thorough quality checks, prepare all the paperwork, pack, load and deliver your tires. Pick a mix of 50% summer/50% winter tires or 80% summer/20% winter tires. Delivery is free within a radius of 400km.

  • We cary all brands & sizes and have more than 100,000 tires in stock.
  • The prices we charge for tires depend on the quality of tires you want to import, not on sizes. We have one price for all sizes. Choose the tires you want from the best brands such as Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop and Michelin.
  • You can watch your order travel to you in real-time. We talk to you with regular video calls and send photos and videos to update you at every stage of the process.
  • We guarantee the quality of our tires. Whatever level of quality we export, our professionals will check each tire to make sure you get what you pay for. Honesty and transparency are at the foundation of our business practices and we know you value friendly and efficient customer service. Our warranty for damaged goods means if you receive any damaged tires, we will replace them your next order.
  • When we receive your inquiry, we will contact you within 24 hours. Once your order is confirmed, we will guide you every step of the way until the tires are at your door.


    1. Sprinter Van (180 tires)Custom order
    2. 50% Summer/50% Winter80% Summer/20% Winter
    3. 155-70-12 (L)
    4. 175-65-13145-70-13155-70-13145-80-13155-80-13165-70-13175-70-13185-70-13165-80-13175-80-13
    5. 185-55-14165-60-14185-60-14155-65-14165-65-14175-65-14185-65-14165-70-14175-70-14185-70-14195-70-14205-70-14175-80-14185-80-14
    6. 195-50-15205-50-15175-55-15185-55-15195-55-15205-55-15155-60-15165-60-15175-60x15185-60-15195-60-15205-60-15145-65-15155-65-15165-65-15175-65-15185-65-15195-65-15205-65-15215-65-15195-70-15205-70-15217/70-15225-70-15235-70-15255-70-15225-70-16205-70-14265-70-15235-75-15215-65-15C195-70-15C215-70-15C225-70-15C
    7. 195-45-16205-45-16215-45-16185-50-16195-50-16225-50-16185-55-16195-55-16205-55-16215-55-16225-55-16275-55-16195-60-16205-60-16215-60/16225-60-16235-60-16195-65-16205-65-16215-65-16235-65-16255-65-16215-70-16225-70-16235-70-16245-70-16265-70-16275-70-16215-75-16225-75-16235-75-16265-75-16275-75-16285-75-16
    8. 205-40-17215-40-17225-40-17245-40-17255-40-17275-40-17205-45-17215-45-17225-45-17235-45-17245-45-17275-45-17205-50-17215-50-17225-50-17275-50-17205-55-17215-55-17225-55-17235-55-17275-55-17215-60-17225-60-17235-60-17255-60-17275-60-17225-65-17245-65-17255-65-17265-65-17235-65-17
    9. 215-30-18215-35-18245-35-18255-35-18265-35-18275-35-18215-40-18225-40-18235-40-18245-40-18255-40-18265-40-18275-40-18215-45-18225-45-18235-45-18245-45-18255-45-18215-50-18225-50-18235-50-18245-50-18215-55-18225-55-18235-55-18255-55-18225-60-18265-60-18235-60-18
    10. 255-30-19265-30-19275-30-19285-30-19225-35-19235-35-19215-35-19235-35-19245-35-19255-35-19265-35-19275-35-19285-35-19225-40-19235-40-19245-40-19225-45-19235-45-19285-45-19235-50-19245-50-19275-55-19235-60-19
    11. 255-30-20265-30-20255-30-20275-30-20285-30-20295-30-20305-30-20225-35-20235-35-20245-35-20255-35-20265-35-20275-35-20285-35-20265-35-20275-35-20295-35-20315-35-20235-40-20245-40-20255-40-20275-40-20265-40-20275-40-20285-40-20235-45-20245-45-20255-45-20265-45-20275-45-20285-45-20295-45-20245-50-20255-50-20265-50-20275-50-20285-50-20255-55-20275-55-20245-60-20
    12. 265-30-21275-30-21245-35-21255-35-21265-35-21275-35-21285-35-21295-35-21255-40-21275-40-21285-40-21295-40-21305-40-21315-40-21375-45-21
    13. 285-35-22265-40-22275-40-22285-40-22295-40-22265-45-22
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